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Energizazan Company started its activity in 1986 in the pipe and fittings industry. In the sixties, it started with the production of PVC fittings and supply in the market of different cities of the country.

In the early 70’s, it expanded its activities with the size of PVC pipelines.

Various representatives across the country offered the company’s products until in the eighties, in addition to setting up production lines for polyethylene pipes, it exported its products to Iraq and entered the global market.

In the late eighties and early nineties, the energy business entered the digital world professionally with the experience of the past 30 years and up-to-date knowledge. The energizers identified the needs of respected engineers, consultants and contractors.

Required technical information, comparison of different products and brands, best price, most suitable quality, supply and production and preparation and fast delivery of goods such as PVC pipe, polyethylene pipe, corrugated pipe, prefabricated polyethylene manhole, pipe Concrete projects were essential needs.



PVC pipe

Production and supply of pvc and plica pipes

Carogit pipe

Selling all kinds of corrugated or double-walled polyethylene pipes

PE pipe

Types of polyethylene pipes for sewage, gas, cable, etc.

Polyethylene fittings

Manufacturer, distributor and exporter of polyethylene fittings

All polyethylene fittings, including three-way, four-way, 45- and 90-degree elbows, and injection and electrofusion fittings are available in power generators at competitive prices and in-house production in accordance with standard pipe types.

All fittings are produced using the required standards and are in accordance with the types of pipes and are fully compatible with it.

Before purchasing the fittings, you will receive a free consultation from the collection, depending on the pipeline in question (water, gas or drainage pipes).

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